ECE 322

Introduction to Electromagnetics and Applications

Part I: Foundations of Electromagnetics

Slowly time-varying electromagnetic fields

Faraday’s law, Inductance, Electric and magnetic energy

Rapidly time-varying electromagnetic fields

Displacement current, Maxwell’s equations

Boundary conditions

Poynting’s theorem

Wave equation

Plane waves

Polarization of electromagnetic waves

Reflection and transmission of plane waves at plane boundaries
Part II: Applications enabled by Electromagnetics

Transmission Lines

Transmission lines. Transmission line equations and their solution. Lossless and lossy cases. Time-domain case. Propagation of simple pulses. Traveling waves, reflection. Time time-harmonic excitation, standing wave, reflection coefficient, impedance, power transfer. Impedance matching, Smith Chart

Other applications

Antennas, Radar, Microwave Communication Links, Magnetic Resonance Imaging